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VDesai @ 9/10/2007 9:09 AM
Wow, that defense was crap. I didn't think the new coordinator would come in and immediately cause a sea change, but I didn't think we'd see anything that bad over the course of the year. Kept getting beat by the same stuff up the middle of the field all night. LB's were just a nightmare in coverage. I couldn't even count how many times Witten made them look silly. All Romo had to do was play soft toss, b/c guys were wide open and we couldn't tackle for shit. They were reeling of 20 yard passes with little effort.

On the brightside, our O, especially Eli, looked phenomenal with the downfield passing. But now we gotta hope Eli and Jacobs aren't hurt.

And if Osi is hurt for any length of time, it might be time to move Kiwi back. I'd get Blackburn in there...he might be our best LB and he's on the bench.
Silverfuel @ 9/10/2007 9:16 AM
Posted by VDesai:

Wow, that defense was crap.
There was no point in them being on the field yesterday. It was really disappointing. He scored at will. Come on! 44 points!
VDesai @ 9/10/2007 9:50 AM
Right now initial reports are that Jacobs has an MCL sprain- maybe 3 to 4 weeks, but hopefully they don't uncover anything worse.

Eli said himself he left the game more as a precaution. We'll see, but hopefully its just a bruise.

Osi, nobody's sure about yet. Injury looked pretty bad.

I think we have the RB's to get by without Jake. Ward played well and I think Bradshaw can really play if they give him a chance. We have zero chance to win any games without Eli, so hopefully he's back. Osi is a potentially devastating injury, unless they move Kiwi back to end.
Vmart @ 9/10/2007 6:21 PM
Man that defense God aweful. The secondary is shot and the Linebackers are crap. The front line sucks too. The entire defense needs an overhaul with exception of Gibril Wilson he is there best defensive player. Kiwi needs to be a back at DE. Strahan is finished that crumbum needed training camp bad he can't even get close enough to get a sniff of the QB. The linebackers are terrible they left the entire middle of the field open all day long. And those secondary guys don't get me started on their patheticness. 23 F'ing yards per pass completion Oh my God. This is the New low for any Giant team total embarrasment. If it wasn't for Eli this team would have been an even bigger embarrasment. Countless time Eli keeps the Giants in the game he never get the credit for and he get ridiculed greatly by the media folks but he is the one that always keeps the Giants in the game. He brings them back again and again only to have the F'ing defense give up a touchdown right after. They did this in the Eagles game where he lead them back to take the lead and defense gave it right back (playoffs last year).

F'ing defense sucks, they always pull this shit year in and year out. They can't even stay on the field especially Osi he should never talk. I like Tuck much more than that embarrasment that is Strahan.
bishop @ 9/10/2007 6:27 PM
ELI MANNING possibly out a month!?!?

lol that sucks for the giants.

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JohnWallace44 @ 9/10/2007 8:54 PM
The round mound of touchdown looks good at times. He'd better be ready to sling it.

The Giants, more than most teams are set-up to bomb it to set up the rest of their offense.
TMS @ 9/11/2007 12:59 AM

VDesai @ 9/11/2007 10:02 AM
ESPN report of Eli being out a month is erroneous according to Coughlin. Eli himself says its just sore and that its a bruise. He's probably day to day with a chance he can't start this week, but I doubt its too serious. Lorenzen looked bad this pre- taking a lot of sacks with b/c he couldn't get the ball out (slow release) and throwing a few too many balls up for grabs when he got hit. I dunno that we win any game if Eli is out.

Osi supposedly has some irritation of the cartilage in his knee. Giants are saying day to day, but it seems like this could linger for like a month. Jacobs has an MCL sprain and that is usually 3-5 weeks. Giants do have very nice depth at RB with Ward, Droughns and Bradshaw each bringing some unique skills to the table. Hopefully Bradshaw gets more touches cause I think you will be pleasantly surprised at just how good a runner he is. He has great vision, footwork and shiftines He runs strong and is almost always going forward. He can catch the ball too.

As you saw last week, Ward has great straightline speed and can break some tackles once he gets going too. He's been around for a while now and he knows what to do out there. Droughns has a ton of experience.
NYKBocker @ 9/11/2007 10:30 AM
We need to start using the TE spot more than just blocking. This should help Eli or even Lorenzen this season. Shockey is just too good of a receiver to be used primarily as a blocking TE.
VDesai @ 9/11/2007 11:14 AM
Shockey was out there running a variety of routes (moreso than last year). His tendency to get banged up seems to wear him down though. He got a banged up in the middle of the game and didn't seem to do much down the stretch.

Gilbride and Coughling have come out and said that getting Shockey deep down the middle of the field is an objective this year.
jazz74 @ 9/11/2007 1:03 PM
i wouldn't mind if eli was out for a month or even the season for that matter. this is not our season anyway. plus i want coughlin fired. again not because i do not like him but because we need new direction. i liked coughlin for most of his tenure and he did serve his purpose ( installing confidence in the team, being a perrenial playoff contender, etc.), but it is time to move on and get us a coach who knows how to win in the playoffs and the players respect. i also would like to see who would step up during the time of despair. there is always a playmaker who steps up when a team is struggling. maybe derek ward, steve smith or aaron ross. i am not bitter about my team, though. as a matter of fact, i am excited. they are all fairly young and they will learn. i actually think they are about two to three years away from being a championship caliber team. we need a few pieces but i like our foundation. this will be a tough season to swallow but in 2009 we will be playing a different tune.
TMS @ 9/11/2007 4:23 PM
we're fooked guys, let's face it... best outcome of the season is a high draft pick so we can bring in a defensive stud OL LBer or DLineman, cuz we ain't winning jack squat this season w/this pathetic defense.
VDesai @ 9/12/2007 11:35 AM
I wouldn't say that. We have a potentially dominant O-Line and passing game. Not every team's gonna be able to beat the Giants in a shootout. And each of the last couple years the Giants D struggled early, only to improve for a stretch over the middle of the year (and then crap up again of course). But I think they can only get better from here.

Eli will toss the ball on the side today. He got a 2nd opinion that said he is at no risk for structural damage on his shoulder if he plays this week. Just a question of whether the pain subsides now.
TMS @ 9/12/2007 4:41 PM
our defense is horrible... i don't care how well our offense plays, if we can't cover anyone or get any pass rush on anyone, we're fooked.
TMS @ 9/12/2007 4:41 PM
I've been watching this team carefully & it is apparent to me that there are a few key players that we need to hold onto & a few that we need to get rid of... here's my list:

** Must Keep: **

ANTONIO PIERCE - all business, all guts... this is the type of player i want reppin' Big Blue on that field... he plays the game the right way & commands respect from his teammates.

MATTHIAS KIWANUKA - this kid should never have been converted to LBer... he looked lost out there last week... put him back at DE where he belongs & he'll make plays for you... he's a future All-pro at DE imho.

OSI UMENYIORA - shame that he's injured now because he's 1 of the best pass rushers in this league... it's a damn good thing they didn't include him in the Eli trade like SD was pining for, because it woulda made a horrible trade even worse.

JUSTIN TUCK - he's got the talent to be a starter in this league... just needs to work on his rush defense... as a pass rusher he's got all the tools.

PLAXICO BURRESS - he's got a bad attitude at times & he's known to slack on plays at times, but this guy is our only real playmaker on offense right now... we can't afford to lose him... he gives Eli so many mismatches that he can exploit in the offense.

CHRIS SNEE - 1 of the better pulling OG's in the NFL... he's as solid as they come & is a great runblocker

KAREEM MCKENZIE - 1 of the better RT's in the NFL... God knows we can't afford to lose any good O-lineman

DERRICK WARD - had a nice game last week & showed surprising explosiveness through the running lanes... a good backup to have.

BRANDON JACOBS - sucks that he got injured, but this guy is a freak of nature & we need to hold onto him to see what his potential really is.

ELI MANNING - we gave up the future to get this kid... he IS our future, whether we like it or not... i like his toughness, but his leadership skills leaves a lot to be desired... loved what i saw from him last week though... if he can sustain that type of play this year, that trade might not be so bad afterall.

** Must Get Rid of!: **

R.W. McQUARTERS - OMG, get this bum outta here NOW! if i have to watch him leave his guy wide open in coverage or miss a tackle downfield 1 more time i'm gonna shoot somebody! why the hell they paid this guy big bucks to come here i'll never know.

MICHAEL STRAHAN - OK, this guy has been a great Giant during his time here, but it's time for Stray to retire & open the way for kids like Tuck & Kiwanuka to take over... his leadership skills have been drastically overrated as well IMO... i think he's been a major part of the problem ever since Coughlin took over this team in terms of overall team morale & attitude.

TOM COUGHLIN - yes, i know he led us to playoffs the past couple seasons, but it's become abundantly clear that his old school style of coaching doesn't resonate w/the players on this team... bring in a John Fox or better yet, bribe Charlie Weiss to leave ND & come back home to Big Blue where he belongs... i think Eli would flourish under Weiss' coaching.

I'm not gonna comment on the rooks yet until i have a chance to see them play more games, but obviously you don't get rid of them just yet.

What do you guys think about my list?
VDesai @ 9/12/2007 11:32 PM
Go back and re-watch that Dallas game and tell me if you really wanna keep Antonio Pierce. All talk and no action. Guy got beat in coverage repeatedly all last year and in the last game.

Don't get me wrong, he's had some good stretches here, but you ever wonder why we're so soft in the middle of the field at times?
TMS @ 9/13/2007 2:25 PM
i saw Kiwanuka getting torched by Whitten all game long... he should be put back to DE & we need to bring in a veteran like a Jeremiah Trotter (not sure if he's signed yet) to take his place.

Pierce led the team in tackles last year & made the Pro Bowl... he's our best LBer bro.
VDesai @ 9/13/2007 2:28 PM
Posted by TMS:

i saw Kiwanuka getting torched by Whitten all game long... he should be put back to DE & we need to bring in a veteran like a Jeremiah Trotter (not sure if he's signed yet) to take his place.

Pierce led the team in tackles last year & made the Pro Bowl... he's our best LBer bro.

Pierce was getting torched as often on Sunday. I'm serious. Remember the play that Dallas beat us last year...the pass to Whitten? Pierce got burned big time and Demps whiffed coming from the back end. Pierce's level of play went WAY down last year...lots of tackles aren't necessarily an indicator that you're a good player.

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Bippity10 @ 9/13/2007 2:29 PM
Go Seahawks!
VDesai @ 9/13/2007 2:35 PM
Here's a nice game review that backs up what I'm saying. Pat Kirwan from also came on the radio today and had similar comments.

I was surprised when I re-watched the game cause the announcers were focusing on Kiwanuka, but Mitchell and Pierce were just as bad if not worse. And I do know we've been getting beat down the middle of the field for 3 years running and there is one constant in the middle.
VDesai @ 9/13/2007 2:43 PM
BTW, under the radar signing for the Giants this week was Madison Hedgecock. Big lead blocking fullback from the Rams. Rams were going in a different direction at FB (they drafted B. Leonard, and are looking to the FB as more of a recieving option) and let Hedgecock go. He could make a big difference for the Giants running game.
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