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Allanfan20 @ 3/13/2014 5:26 AM
You guys are nuts.
Stevo718 @ 3/13/2014 6:44 AM
Marcala12 wrote:
mreinman wrote:
Marcala12 wrote:
machomet25 wrote:
CrushAlot wrote:8 page thread for a guy that had 8 points last night

The thread would be 3 pages if we didn't have Marcala accusing posters of being Asian or Gay and continually stating that Lin is a "BPG - Backup Point Guard. Say it with me now - BPG, BPG" and "Lin is a backup point guard and nothing more." Pretty much all the other posts in this thread are reasonable arguments/discussion.

Nobody wanted him before we picked up, nobody wanted him when the Rockets put him on the market. take his balls out of your mouth and realize that you're talking about a backup who is going to make 15 mil, who is not on this team. keep watching all 48 minutes of Houston games for those magical 16 minutes a game Lin gets these days.

Marcala, answer me honestly, are you a girl?

nope, i have man parts. now i did say i was married to an Asian woman earlier in the thread so you had clues as to that, but I guess that didn't rule out the possibility of me being a lesbian.

now your turn to answer a question: how much do you think Lin will make per year in his next deal?

So is she Indian or something? Cause saying your married to an "asian" lady don't mean anything and doesn't support your "I ain't racist towards Chinese cause my wife is "asian" argument. Indian and Chinese are completely different, asia is huge and is so diverse. Or do you think all asians rook arike?

ToddTT @ 3/13/2014 7:53 AM
Allanfan20 wrote:You guys are nuts.

And this is based on what? If you have nothing useful to add to this thread, other than unsubstantiated claims, there's no need to post.

Also, I can't believe the Phil Jackson situation. We could have used that money to sign Lin to a multi year deal, and he would have excelled as player-president.

When will this organization get its head out of its ass?

Allanfan20 @ 3/13/2014 10:19 AM
I was referring to a couple of posters argument about questioning their manhood. I appreciate your insight.
Allanfan20 @ 3/13/2014 10:21 AM
And the fact that Marcala is offended we are talking about Jeremy Lin.
earthmansurfer @ 3/13/2014 11:56 AM
mreinman wrote:
earthmansurfer wrote:And now that Lin saved us so much money we can go and spend 15 million to get Phil to run the front office. LOL
Hidden blessing though.

Nice +/- the other night...

it was +/- 0. What do you mean?

They lost, he had the 3rd best on the team!

ToddTT @ 3/13/2014 5:45 PM
Allanfan20 wrote:I was referring to a couple of posters argument about questioning their manhood. I appreciate your insight.

Shiiiiiit. There's a lot more nuts than that in this thread.

blkexec @ 3/13/2014 6:00 PM
ToddTT wrote:
Allanfan20 wrote:I was referring to a couple of posters argument about questioning their manhood. I appreciate your insight.

Shiiiiiit. There's a lot more nuts than that in this thread.

Before I engage in a convo on there anyway to prove who the females are on this thread? I've been out of ny for a while now....I just love female knick fans. Sorry to breakup the Lin sanity love fest.
Hey this 8-9 page thread is why FA's should sign here. If you have any significant success, regardless of race or sex. ... knick fans will love you for ever!

mreinman @ 3/13/2014 7:35 PM
Nice drive Jeremy
mreinman @ 3/13/2014 7:36 PM
nice assist
mreinman @ 3/13/2014 7:36 PM
down 18-10, Lin comes in 18-17
gunsnewing @ 3/13/2014 8:06 PM
Nice didn't know the Rockets were on
mreinman @ 3/13/2014 9:06 PM
gunsnewing wrote:Nice didn't know the Rockets were on

Getting killed 85-58 at the end of 3.

Lin is the only one having a good game - 21 on 7/12.

machomet25 @ 3/14/2014 12:02 AM
Saw the Bulls game, dismal showing by Parsons, Harden, and Howard. Lin played solid. 7 for 13
2 out of the last 3 games he has had 20+ pts w/ 0 turnovers.

His offensive game has improved so much: his mid range jumper, three pt shot, and driving to the rim all looked really good from what I saw this game. Main word is confidence.

Would highly encourage Phil to try to trade for him this offseason (unlikely he is w/ the Rockets next season).

gunsnewing @ 3/14/2014 5:38 AM
That would be great but if Phil stays with the triangle can Lin be part of it?
DaNixFan @ 3/14/2014 12:11 PM
Lin will get hurt in time for the playoffs.
machomet25 @ 3/23/2014 11:33 PM
This game showed why Lin should have stayed with the Knicks.

Felton is terrible.

IronWillGiroud @ 3/29/2014 5:26 PM
I love J Lin
jrodmc @ 4/1/2014 9:52 AM
I won't tell Peckovic.
jrodmc @ 4/2/2014 1:59 PM
JLin sucks again. Apparently big time PG's scarify him into 2 assist nights.
CrushAlot @ 5/26/2014 12:28 AM
The Houston Rockets have a major decision to make this offseason and it isn't regarding a Kevin Love trade or signing Carmelo Anthony, as Chandler Parsons can become a restricted free agent this year if Houston doesn't pick up his contract option or an unrestricted free agent in 2015 and this choice is huge and could affect if the team trades Omer Asik or Jeremy Lin, as teams like the Miami Heat, LA Lakers, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls and NY Knicks could be interested in signing Parsons.

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Parsons has developed quietly into one of the best young players in the NBA and as a second round pick that doesn't always happen, which is one reason why the Rockets want to hold onto Parsons. The team likes Parsons and his value so much that they balked at a trade with the Boston Celtics last season that would have given the team Rajon Rondo and sent Asik up north because they did not want to put Parsons in the deal. The situation is a tough one for the Rockets, as they want to keep Parsons, but know they need to trade Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik to have any chance at getting Kevin Love or Anthony.
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