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BRIGGS @ 1/13/2021 8:43 PM
It was like a trade effect
New coach a few new intangibles
Net effect was a quick jump.

But this team is not good and for goodness sakes we don’t need another 7-9 pick

We NEED a top 3 pick.

smackeddog @ 1/14/2021 4:09 AM
wargames @ 1/14/2021 8:33 AM
No that’s not fair to the Knicks or ourselves as a fan base. Thibs looked like a great coach again and the team was over performing. Why shouldn’t we have been hopeful? Hell, arguably if Burks stays healthy we would have a better record just based on his shooting keeping teams from playing Zone.

With that said after that Nets trade..... We need to be smart and focus on the rebuild. We’re not there yet, but we aren’t stuck being mediocre either.

Trade Randle or RJ for shooters and/or picks. Target Schroeder for PG or draft one. Tank for Cade and if we don’t win (like always) draft someone like Zaire

jrodmc @ 1/14/2021 8:43 AM
smackeddog wrote:

Kindly don't interrupt BRIGGS when he's rolling the other way... you'll mess up his wagon's alignment...

fishmike @ 1/14/2021 9:55 AM
the more Briggs says the less he knows
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