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Nalod @ 1/14/2021 12:18 PM
Dolan, a Trump supporter. Trump a Russian operative? Russians make Trump look stupid. Not that he needs a lot of help.
Prokhorov buys the NYets fixes them up, sells them for handsome profit and makes Dolan look stupid. Dolan kicks Walsh off his wheelchair and overbids for Melo becuase he was Net bound.
At least we did not end up with consolation prize.
For all the grins and giggles that Nets did not get to finals they did better than us then and since.
Trump goes against China. Jack Ma buy Nets. Dolan has a chinese rival in town.
Nets spent three years out of the playoffs. We laughed as they had traded their Future picks to Boston.
Now Jack and the Nets once again pushed all the chips to the table in the middle while we are scratchng our asses.
Chinese and Russian influence has embarassed Trump and in NYC, Dolan.

Knicks fans are like "Hey, they better win this year or they are plucked! HA HA!!!!
I'd be suprised if they can do it even this year, but do we actually say a team that makes conf. finals or loses in the final a failure? I mean can a Knick fan really say that?
The Heatles did not win either in year one. Even with all that "culture" and chip experience that Dwade and Shuttlesworth had it still took another year. But then is four straight trip to the finals, winning two really a "failure"? Outside of Jordans 6 for six in 8 years and Bill Russells run with the Celts that is quite a feat to itself.
Are we so bold to actually deem a trip to the finals as failure?
Nalod is all too happy to see the knicks in the playoffs and disrupt any Net run. For that matter any team! But until then I won't turn my nose up and snicker on Nets. Not yet.
For all the idiocy of the failed Prokhorov starphuch they ONLY MISSED THE PLAYOFFS FOR 3 YEARS IN THE AFTERMATH. Not like we lit the world on fire.
No doubt in hindsight the trade did not yield the Nets a chip. That had more to do perhaps with Deron Williams failure than other things.
Boston had to take on cap from nets to make that trade work and really other than Brown and Tatum they have not really succeeded any more than the Nets did then.

But........Tatum is a killer and will be for a while, Brown is still on the rise and its a nice core. Ainge lucked into Tatum by trading down. Credit due.
But for what its worth what if Nets go to finals over Boston this year? Makes for good theatre. What if Nets CockBlock Celtics for next two seasons preventing them from the finals? Did Ainge then squander what was obvoiusly a dynsasty potential? Who laughs last?
So after a three year hiatus from playoffs nets come back with a mediocre team to qualify and managed the cap to create the mother of all starphuchs. They fulfil the forumula I have discussed many times (not my creation BTW, not taking any credit): Build from the draft, be smooth in free agency, have assets to make a trade. You can trade picks but having allen and LaVert is how Harden happend. You don't do that without them or Joe Harris.

YOu don't have to like Durant and Harden. You don't have to root for them. But to not respect this HOF tandem is oblivoius to the facts. The wild card here rests in the mind of Kyrie Irving.
If your the nets that has to be a scary ass thought!

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