Off Topic · Well .. the once beloved NY Mets beating up my MLB SF GIANTS again: Tremendous comeback by NY (page 1)

DJMUSIC @ 5/25/2022 1:03 AM
However as a SF GIANT fan, since the days METs traded my then #41 Tom Seaver, always been with SF Giants since.

As far as GIANTs 8-2 lead dissappearing and METs comeback tonight 5/24 blowing GIANTs out of AT&T Stadium

My GIANTs are shrinking in early MLB season start.

Kudos to my family NY Mets lover, however as far as tonight BLOWN game
Met's can go K*--SS my fanny !
Angry at my luck and GIANTs play tonight

METs are good! LETS go SF GIANTS!

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