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joec32033 @ 5/20/2023 3:28 AM
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Swishfm3 wrote:If you thought Cam Reddish and Anthony Randolph were going to be great NBA players, You’re going to love Kuminga

Hard pass

Maybe some truth to what you say —- intriguing talent/athlete but yes unproven.

To be fair, Kuminga has already had two seasons that are arguably better than anything Reddish has produced. He is unproven, but he has been coached up and doesn't seem to unrealistic expectations about his role.

Wait, I thought 90% of knick fans agree that the knicks are in need of athletic wings. He's young, 6'7 athlete, runs like a deer and jumps out the gym. Coached by Steve Kerr, who used to be praised like coach spo as one of the best. So he has 2 years of nba experience coached by one of the greatest (so they say). Instead of this being a hard pass, I believe it's a long line. Several NBA teams will be lineup ready for his services. The question is does the knicks have anything GS want, since the rumor is Kuminga is available via trade.

Career 35% from 3. 37% last season. But he didn't even attempt a 3 per game.

That’s just cause Steph and Klay taking them all!!!

Fuckers! Seriously I don't know much about Kuminga, but I'm tired of saying we need the same type of wing year after year. Young. tall, runs, jumps. I would much rather can hit the 3, plays at least average defense, doesn't turn the ball over, intelligent player.

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