NBA · Nyk say NO THANK YOU! To Hayward signings talk, won't attract FA's (page 1)

DJMUSIC @ 11/21/2020 7:15 PM
Like Hayward

DONT like this deal 😒 attempt

If I'm knicks mgt I'd pass on this for
More secure option

Hayward is = Kristaps P version 2.0
Injuries in midst awaiting again to

Knicks history is not very good at these
Deals that look to good to be true but

Hayward isn't even near past his prime
He just aint the right man for NYK,
NOR is Hayward right to lure stars
Such as Russell Westbrook to the big apple

No nope Ain't happening & shouldn't
Thank God!✝️🙏🛐

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