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BigDaddyG @ 8/14/2022 2:50 PM
blkexec wrote:
TheGame wrote:
Panos wrote:Were they told not to put their hands up on defense? I hope so.

Jalen Brunson's game reminds me of Mark Jackson. Not necessarily how he scores, but something about the way he moves

Lol. I was shocked at how little effort Randle gave on defense. They definitely were playing at half effort. I understand not wanting to get hurt but when I played ball, there was only one setting when ever I played and that was all out, all the time. I was not a professional player, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

All that being said, Brunson looks like he can score whenever he wants. He will be a huge lift for this team and hopefully he can convince Randle to focus on being an efficient scorer and not worry as much about running the offense.

The only potential problem I see is similar to last year. We don’t have a solid playmaker. Brunson is a scorer first. IQ the same. Rose might still be our best playmaker. Brunson has room to grow in that area but he clearly wants to score buckets which will help off set the scoring pressure on Randle.

I just hope the offense isn’t a “who’s l turn is it now” iso driven offense. Maybe that’s the nba now and whoever has the best or most 1on1 players win.

I wouldn't be too worried. Brunson has shown the ability to adopt his game to the needs of the team. He's also good at finding shooters on the drive. The fact that he doesn't turn the ball over is a huuuggge plus.
Nalod @ 8/14/2022 4:11 PM
Would not worry either. The pro am is not for players to destroy the Amateurs, its to have fun and maybe even a fund raiser for a cause. They are there to entertain. Sure the opponents want to not be embarrassed and do their best. But the pro’s are just that and need not show them up.
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