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OasisBU @ 5/31/2023 7:23 AM
Knixkik wrote:
martin wrote:OK, not a bad take

Unless Julius Randle is apart of a larger package to land a guy who can shot create at an all NBA level, it’s not out of the ordinary to sign/trade for a guy to fit with him and Brunson.

Just four years ago, he was playing 2nd fiddle to Marcus Morris. Two years ago, he was the best player we seen on the Knicks since Carmelo Anthony. I think he can fit in well being the 3rd option and relying less on him to create shots.

Julius Randle is NOT stopping the Knicks from becoming a championship team.

This is where I stand on this topic. I agree with this.

Same - it’s a good take. Keeps the core intact and improves it.

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