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SergioNYK @ 5/19/2024 8:22 AM

SergioNYK @ 5/19/2024 8:30 AM
Psyched and nervous as hell! I'd be surprised if OGA plays but respect for him for trying to come back. He could have easily done a Jeremy Lin and not risk it. He'd be a better match up against Siakam, who's killed us. Respect to Josh Hart too! Abdominal strains usually are a 1-2 week thing. If he can give us 20 minutes of prime Hart, I'd take it! Expect Brunson at his 40 ppg best. Hopefully the zebras start calling the hand checking and fouls. DVo, Deuce and Burks need to make their threes. Can't miss FTs and have careless TOs either. And whoever plays MUST rebound the ball. Whoever wins the rebounding battle has won every game.

Hicks don't seem to have the toughness to win a Game 7 on the road, especially at MSG. They are not the same team on the road and Haliburton is no Reggie Miller. But they are playing with house money and nobody is picking them to win this game. And if we allow them to get confidence and own the glass, they can win this game.

This team fought like hell to get that second seed and have this Game 7 at home. Take care of business and defend the Garden!

VDesai @ 5/19/2024 8:34 AM
Not today.

Lets go!!!!

Rookie @ 5/19/2024 8:46 AM
SergioNYK wrote:

This is like me when I eat tacos

nycericanguy @ 5/19/2024 9:12 AM
I think OG and Hart will both play, Hart is going to have a real tough time being effective though. And OG, dont even know what to expect from him.

But I wouldn't expect this OG hoopla and 180 only to have him be out anyway.

ToddTT @ 5/19/2024 9:17 AM
ToddTT @ 5/19/2024 9:18 AM
ToddTT @ 5/19/2024 9:18 AM
MS @ 5/19/2024 9:23 AM
If they can give us 40 minutes btw the two of them Brunson and MSG will do the rest!

Let’s go!

ToddTT @ 5/19/2024 9:27 AM
ToddTT @ 5/19/2024 9:56 AM
AI is out of control. You can't even tell what's real anymore.

VDesai @ 5/19/2024 10:24 AM
Theres literally no precedent for anyone not missing time and playing with an ab strain. Josh Hart is one of the only players in the NBA that would try I think.
MaTT4281 @ 5/19/2024 12:11 PM
Today feels like Superbowl Sunday. I need like a 3 hour pre game show, and yet we get nothing on MSG!
MaTT4281 @ 5/19/2024 12:12 PM
ToddTT wrote:AI is out of control. You can't even tell what's real anymore.

That's obviously fake. Here's a real clip for comparison.

MaTT4281 @ 5/19/2024 12:18 PM
franco12 @ 5/19/2024 1:13 PM
Par for the course the way this team has played to go 7 games. Hope they pull it out. Not sure I want to see them lose 4 against Boston, and that seems kind of inevitable.
MaTT4281 @ 5/19/2024 1:23 PM
DLeethal @ 5/19/2024 1:28 PM
franco12 wrote:Par for the course the way this team has played to go 7 games. Hope they pull it out. Not sure I want to see them lose 4 against Boston, and that seems kind of inevitable.

If OG is back there’s no reason we can’t steal a couple games at least. Guys are injured now and if they heal up for Boston it’s a series with Porzingis likely out for a chunk of it.

SergioNYK @ 5/19/2024 2:40 PM
I'm so nervous!
Nalod @ 5/19/2024 2:43 PM
I love the blind enthusiasm by many of you. No matter what, you try to find a good angle to hang on to.. For that I root just a bit harder for.

The the few who mostly chime in after a loss looking for blame and self gratification that you might know better, well I also hope we win.

Me?? Im rooting like crazy but admit to know having a high conviction of victory given the circumstances. Not a question of conspiracy and what a ref might influence, or league, or TV, or Charles, Shaq, fishlike, Martin, and others.

I just think one by one we running out of fumes and at some point its nearly cruel to continue. So I expect little. But im dialed in an rooting hard for victory! Win or lose Im inspired by the effort and professionalism of this team and its staff having over come adversity to achieve as much as they did.

This season reminds me of the end of the movie "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". Paul Newman and Robert Redford defy the odds over and over and in the end, they are bit shot up and cornered. Thinking there are just a few gunman rather than the full battalion of the Mexican army waiting for them the plot to come out shooting. The frames freezes and you just hear a mess of gunshot. We are left to assume despite their delusion or enthusiasm they have met their end. The fact they got as far as they did was a fun story line to follow. One really does not know the story were to end until that moment.

Maybe this is not the end today? But it feels like it. I hope I am wrong!!! Good luck guys! Hope we have some fun stuff to talk about later.

ToddTT @ 5/19/2024 2:52 PM
SergioNYK wrote:I'm so nervous!


Me too.

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