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jusnice @ 10/7/2011 1:13 PM
Any NYR fans out there in the UK nation? I'm a moderate hockey fan, probably my least favorite when you lineup basketball, baseball, football and then hockey. Having said that, I am excited about this season and the Rangers' potential. I love the Richardson signing and I think Callahan is legit.

I'd like to catch at least 2-3 games this year and get a peak at the renovations in the Garden.

Anyone a big fan and want to help keep this thread alive?

MaTT4281 @ 10/7/2011 4:03 PM
Was never really able to get into NHL before, but with the lockout, I'm going to give it another shot to fill some of the void (especially with the Yankees season ending 2 weeks earlier than planned).

My brother-in-law is a huge Rangers fan, may have to try and make it to the city for a game. With currently no attachments, think I'd be better off checking out a different NY team this season?

SupremeCommander @ 10/9/2011 3:05 AM
I'm a huge Rangers fan. I love it. I think the Blues at the Garden is among the best experiences in sport.

Brad Richards is exactly what the team needed. Marian Gaborik really struggled last season because he had to carry the puck and score... hard to do, especiallyw hen you have the injuries that he did.

I was upset to see that they promoted Brandon Dubinsky to the top line to play LW with Richards and Gaborik. Dubinsky is a quality player, but I thought the Dubs-Ansimov-Callahan line was great last season and would like to keep that intact.

Marc Staal is out with post-concussion syndrom (or whatever its called). That sucks too... because the defensive pairs are getting juggled around and the backline is really young... Staal was the teams best player other than...

Henrik Lundqvist, who is a stud.

This year would be a good year to follow the team. There is no reason that the Rangers should not be a top-4 team in the East, and possibly better. Two excellent lines, a really good, young defense, one of the best goalies (if not the best) in the game...

first seven games could be a concern. They lost in OT in Stockholm, next game is in Prague, then five on the road because of the MSG rennovations. If they can 8 or 9 points and just weather the storm they should be in a great position the rest of the season.

SupremeCommander @ 10/9/2011 5:51 AM
didn't realize the Rangers just played in Stockholm and los thtat one in OT too... two points out of a possible 14 (so far) on the roadtrip thus far. Not good to lose two but keeps them within striking distance.

And, I thought the second game was in the Czech Republic... it's not... it was in Sweden too

jrodmc @ 10/10/2011 8:27 AM
I miss having "The mets suck" as the top sticky on this forum already...
jusnice @ 10/10/2011 9:52 AM
2 OT/SO lossess - not a great way to start the season, but at least we were able to get 2 pts. You are right supremee, tough schedule to start the season. Bring on the Isles!!
SupremeCommander @ 10/18/2011 11:28 AM
Isles game was rough... too many undisciplined penalties
jusnice @ 10/18/2011 4:49 PM
I know, and we have a tough road schedule to start before we get a home stand. Team looks a bit lost. The lay-off between the Euro games was a bit long. I have faith that we'll put together a good stretch. Tough to lose to the Isles though. Hate them. Potvan Sucks!!
SupremeCommander @ 10/19/2011 1:06 AM
WOW! Huge third period against Vancouver. I thought for certain the Rangers were oging to lose again... I think they were outshot 23-9 after the first two periods. Offensive explosion in the third and the King was the King. Awful 1st and 2nd, great 3rd. Still to many friggin penalties. I'll take the 4-0 shutout though
jusnice @ 10/20/2011 11:36 AM
When is Fios going to have MSG HD? Heard that Dolan is forced to allow it, but I still don't have it. Can't stand hockey or anything in SD for that matter..

Nice win, but this team is shaky. I'm hoping it's just early season stuff.

SupremeCommander @ 10/20/2011 12:28 PM
jusnice wrote:Nice win, but this team is shaky. I'm hoping it's just early season stuff.

last year's best line of Dubinsky-Ansiminov-Callahan has been crap so far, and the defense is really banged up especially with Marc Staal out...

I think they'll get better and I hate to balme travel/chedule but they got dealt a tough hand with europe + MSG renovations

I still expect a top-4 Eastern conference finish

jusnice @ 10/26/2011 1:03 PM
Trying to score some last minute tickets to the game tomorrow night. Anyone have any hookups?
SupremeCommander @ 11/14/2011 8:55 AM
The Rangers are playing really good hockey. Like I said, the beginning was tough. But they survived and are on a six game winning streak, with two winnable games against the Isles and the Canadians coming up.

The major weakness in the Rangers' armor is their power play. That's been pretty poor. But they might have the best defense in the league, and that's even without Marc Staal

SupremeCommander @ 11/20/2011 2:37 AM
fucking Canadians... some bs always happens in Montreal
SupremeCommander @ 12/18/2011 4:21 AM
Awesome finish... Marty Biron is a pimp

jusnice @ 12/19/2011 9:26 AM
I'm going to the Isles game coming up - very excited to see them for the first time this year and to chant Potvin Sucks!! We seem to have solved some of the power play issues that were hurting us and our defense, even withotu Staal, has looked solid. Would love to see a consistent year and have them finish in the top for once. Go Rangers!!!
Solace @ 12/19/2011 11:22 AM
Not a hockey fan, but that was amazing.
SupremeCommander @ 12/19/2011 1:43 PM
Solace wrote:Not a hockey fan, but that was amazing.

good year to give it a shot... the Rangers are very good for the first time in a long time

come to think of it, the last time both the Knicks and Rangers were this good it was 1994

SupremeCommander @ 12/24/2011 3:12 AM
Long way to go but first place n the division
SupremeCommander @ 12/26/2011 2:41 PM
Marc Staal was cleared for contact... hopefully he can get into game shape within the month
SupremeCommander @ 12/27/2011 12:30 PM
from today's Post (Larry Brooks):

Del Zotto has been on the ice for 54 of the Blueshirts’ 101 goals. He’s been on for 37 of 75 even-strength goals, 14 of 21 power-play goals and three of five shorthanded goals. It’s an astonishing stat for the third-year pro who is averaging 22:42 per game. He set up Hagelin’s opening goal at 5:14 of the second with a toe-drag move that left Frans Nielsen flummoxed in the left circle.

Read more:

really unfrigginbelievable

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