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Rookie @ 6/18/2024 1:56 PM
Nalod wrote:
martin wrote:
VDesai wrote:While speaking on ESPN's "Get Up" on Tuesday, NBA insider Brian Windhorst said that Anunoby intends to hear other offers because he's "not thrilled" with the Knicks' offers thus far.

I wonder why Sam Rose feels the need to speak to the press when he has the clear ear of Leon at dinner and on the weekends.

Could be genuine thing.
Could be Sam needs to look good for existing and potential clients?
Knicks not "tampering" or anything but lets just say with all the Nepo going with after Rick/Jalen/Sam/Leon they need to have some transparency.
If OG or others got wind he could have gotten more money from other team and did not have the opportunity it would not look good for Sam to be colluding with his dad.
Just my guess. Also it could be one of Sam's partners might be negotiating for OG on contract? OG might want it this way? Sam and Leon might want it also?

It wouldn’t look good for OG either. Duh!

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