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KnickDanger @ 6/5/2023 1:17 PM
How many silly idea threads do we have going?

Looking forward to rumors we can chew on!

Philc1 @ 6/5/2023 3:32 PM
Jimbo5 wrote:Will the knicks be a better team if they can trade Mitch and IQ plus a pick or two for Ayton the make another trade to swap Randle and RJ plus a pick or two for Siakam and OG? Siakam is not better than Randle offensively but is a better defender, i think OG is a little better than RJ both offensively and defensively. Ayton will adda new dimension to the team offensively while still having some defensive presence in the interior.all these new players are still young. Try to sign DiVincenzo and call up Rokas to solidify the bench.

Starters: Ayton, Siakam, OG, Grimes and Jalen

Bench : Ihart, Obi, Hart, DiVincenzo, Rokas or Duece.

Let’s make Ayton happen

JesseDark @ 6/6/2023 2:35 PM
A name that heard mentioned on a talk show is Naz Reid, backup center on Minnesota. He can shoot the 3,is only 24 and also an unrestricted free agent. Could be good addition to prevent defenses from packing the lane. Of course one of the centers would have to go.
KnixinSix @ 6/6/2023 10:18 PM
foosballnick wrote:
KnixinSix wrote:Lets go through the current list of possibly to likely available vs likely not available based on recent rumors....

Group A (guys that play both offense and can play D at average to better level)

Mitchell (has the ability to play above average defense in right system)
KP (injury prone)
Paul George (age)

Group B (elite offensive players but medium to high defensive liabilities)

LaVine (Injury prone)

Truthfully combining contracts , defense , cost to trade for, and roster contruction all together my favorite 2 moves would be for 2 group A guys in Siakam and Mitchell.

I absolutely love Donovon Mitchell and think he'd be a high level 2 way player here. Hes young and on a lower star contract for the next 2 years. He is also durable. Yes he gives up some height. But we have Grimes and Hart to back him up at the 2. Also he would only be on the floor about 20-24 minutes total together with Brunson. He cam also play the 1. Then your counter move would be to shore up the front court defense with a stud defender in Siakam who can gaurd both the 3 and the 4 and even play some 5 depending on Matchups.

Mitch Rob/Siakam

Assets to be moved: RJ,Randle, Quickley, Fournier, DRose, 5-6FRPs

Why would the Cavs move Donovan When they just gave up a boatload to get him last year?

Regarding Siakam. Just don't see it. He's a career .327 shooter from 3 and is the same age as Randle.

Siakam is better than Randle in the key areas this team needs most. Defense and can play mainly 4 but can also defend 3 and 5 depending on matchup. Scoring without the ball. His defense is a huge component for a Thibs team. He also becomes the dynamic scoring 5 to complement Mitchell Robinson.

Donovan wants to play here and Cleveland might have realized the Garland/Mitchell backcourt is not ideal. Again not necessarily a likely scenario to happen but I would say the possibility exists. LaVine might be more realistic.

Alpha1971 @ 6/7/2023 12:56 PM
Would you trade IQ for Herb Jones ? Then sign DiVincenzo MLE.
martin @ 6/7/2023 12:57 PM
Alpha1971 wrote:Would you trade IQ for Herb Jones ? Then sign DiVincenzo MLE.

Like, why?

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